Wednesday 7 January 2015

December TopBox

Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription box. I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about Topbox, which is why I hadn't subscribed. A couple of months ago, I did try one of their limited edition boxes, and was pretty happy about the value and products, so I thought I'd give the monthly subscription a try.

Topbox is around $14 month, including shipping, and you get 4 samples. You can choose regular packaging or 'environmentally friendly' packaging, which is a reusable organza bag. Also, each month you can create a 'wish list'. Basically, you have the option to keep the products picked that month (which is a surprise until you receive them) or trade it in for something else- 10 perfume samples, two full size Elizabeth Arden products, etc- for the same price. You can add as many options to your wish list as you'd like, but you're not guaranteed to get what you pick. I also like that Topbox includes a card with a description and price of the product and where you can buy it.

Here's what I got in December:

  1. Kinetics Nail Polish in Up the Rocks: The product claims to have "plasticizers that facilitate smooth, easy application." It applied like any other nail polish I've ever used. This is a pretty colour and is actually similar to the blue I wore on my toes all summer. I won't be able to wear this colour to work, but it'll be great for the summer.
    Retail Value: $15 (15mL)
    Topbox Value: $15 (15mL)
  2. Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keepr: As someone with curly hair, I'm looking forward to trying this product, which claims to control frizz! The one product (original) is to be used on wet hair to tame frizz and the other (gel) is to be used to style curly hair.
    Retail Value: $17.50 (8oz)
    Topbox Value: $4.38 (1oz  each)
  3. Barefoot Venus Argan Dry Body Oil: I have used Argan oil in my hair and I'm looking forward to trying it on my skin, to see if it does anything for my super dry skin. It is a spray, which I like, and it smells good. It's a tad oil, which is to be expected from an oil, but it's not too bad.
    Retail Value: $15.99 (140mL)
    Topbox Value: $0.91 (8mL)
  4. Marsk Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in Seaspray: This is a very pretty green, with a nice shimmer to it...but it's green. I stick to neutral colours, so this will be gifted to someone.
    Retail Value:  $22.50 (1.2g)
    Topbox Value: $22.50 (1.2g)
Total Retail Value: $70.99
Total Topbox Value:  $42.79
What I paid: $13.56

The value of the box is great, compared to what I paid. I'm pretty happy, and will use 3 of the four products. While I do like TopBox, I am not sure if I am going to keep my monthly subscription. I might stick to buying their limited edition boxes (I gifted on to my sister and one to a friend for Christmas, which they both loved!), but I'm going to keep TopBox for another month or two before deciding.

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