Monday 26 January 2015

Inspire Me- Never Out Of Style

This is the Monday I have been counting down too. I had a HUGE fundraiser for work yesterday and ended up working over 15 hours yesterday. In fact all last week, in preparation for the fundraiser, I was working 9-12 hour days (instead of my usual 7 hours).  So today, I am rewarded with a day off. I have an appointment at noon and plan on doing only things that make me happy today; reading, writing, maybe some Netflix, spending the day in pj's, enjoy cups upon cups of tea. I earned this day off, and trust me...I EARNED the day off. 

I've mentioned several times, that my word for 2015 is happy. I am really focused on this word and am really making an effort to be happy. The above quote is from Lilly Pulitzer. Happy is never outdated, or overrated for that matter. 

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