Sunday 14 July 2013

Sunday Social- Music

Another weekend spent at the beach! My parents and sister are here, so it was nice to spend time with family. We have another beautiful day ahead of us...perfect beach weather!

Sunday Social

1. What is your all-time favorite song? 
I have so many favourite songs, it's hard to pick an all time favourite, but I'm going to say Better Man by Pearl Jam. 
2. Who is your favorite singer/band?
Joel Plaskett, Luke Bryan and David Myles quickly come to mind. Again, so many favourites, hard to pick just one. 
3. What song reminds you of your childhood?
Gangster's Paradise by Coolio... we made a "music video" for this song...haha. 
4. What songs put you in a good mood?
Anything upbeat that you can sing and dance a long to. Country Girl by Luke Bryan and Nowhere With You by Joel Plaskett are good examples. 
5. What is your music to rock out to in your car?
I alternate between a Top 40 station and Country station and a CD- which is currently Ashley MacIsaac.
6. What is the most embarrassing album or song you own?
Some 90's Boy Band stuff.


  1. Oh my goodness, I L-O-V-E-D Gangsta's Paradise. Have you ever checked out Weird Al's version, Amish Paradise??

  2. I have to laugh because Country Girl by Luke Bryan was playing on Pandora radio as I was reading this. :) Boy Band CDs are my guilty pleasure from my younger days; some fond memories right there! I'm jealous of your beach time! I am determined to make it to the beach this summer!

  3. Haha an Ashley MacIsaac CD! I love Cape Breton fiddle music :) He is a HOOT in person too. And Joel of my faves! Have you ever seen him live?!