Monday 8 July 2013

Super, Natural British Columbia

Happy Monday! Everyone knows how much I love Canada and for the longest time, I wanted to showcase Canada on my blog. So, I've asked a bunch of Canadian bloggers to answer 5 questions about their province.

First up, Julie from British Columbia. Julie bloggers over at Three Chickens and a Boat.  
1. Where are you from:
Saltspring Island, BC

2. Favourite thing about your province:The mountains, the sea, trees, the lakes, the weather! The relaxed attitude that so many of us wander around with!

3. What is your region (province and/or city) known for:
See above.

4. Where to...
a) Stay:
Overnight on a sailboat, anchored off one of the gulf islands.
b) Eat:
On the sailboat of course. Fresh caught crab, salmon and greens with a crisp white that has been dragged behind the boat to keep cool!
c) Go/what to do:
 Swim, splash, sail, read, hike, fish, laugh, PLAY.

5. A "must know" about your province:
Come with a mind bent on exploring. Pack good walking shoes and bring water. Smile and say hello. And be ready to make friends that last a lifetime.

Thanks Julie for taking the time to answer these questions and share some of the things that BC has to offer. 
For more information on British Columbia, visit Hello BC.

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