Wednesday 24 July 2013

Let It Rain

Things have not been spectacular. 

I'm exhausted, drained, on the verge of being burnt out. A sad realization, an on-going upsetting discussion, work stress, unhelpful people, working all weekend, working on my two (of two) days off, crashing end, falling out of...Frustrated, discouraged, heartbroken, loss... all of this in the past week. 
Yesterday...I was in a grumpy mood from having worked until midnight on my day off, I was exhausted from working all weekend, I was annoyed with people and then I went into work and things got worse. I tried to smile, I tried to laugh, I tried to act like everything was ok. But really, I was livid. 
I had a Brock Alumni meeting after work. I was mad on my drive- mad about the events of the past week, mad about what happened at work that day, mad about being stuck behind super slow drivers. I did eventually make it to my meeting, with minutes to spare and a smile on my face. 

After the meeting, just as I stepped outside, it started to rain. I cut through one of the dorms and when I got back outside, it was pouring! Of course, my car was parked on the other side of the dorm that was beside the dorm I cut through.
So, I did what any girl would do...I took off my shoes and walked barefoot (partially) across campus to my car. I ran through puddles. I kicked up water as I walked. I got soaked. 
When I finally made it to my car- before I started my 15-20 minutes drive home- I laughed. Who knew that this barefooted, soaking wet trek would be the highlight of my day? While some would be annoyed at the situation, I thought it was the most fun I have had in awhile. 

I was walking with a fellow alumni, but had I been alone...I would have jumped in the puddles, danced in the rain and laughed as I got drenched. 

Being caught in the down pour was EXACTLY what I needed...I needed to be forced to take that time to have fun- even if "fun" is a less than 5 minute, barefooted walk in the rain. 
When I got to my car, I felt happy and relaxed. I can't put into words...what this did for my soul. It was exactly what I needed and I've promised myself, as my week goes on- it will continue to be stressful and unpleasant- I will remember that feeling of being in the rain.


  1. LOVE THIS! I'm sorry things have been challenging lately- I know that's hard. I hope life cuts you a break soon. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to find the joy in something fun, small and nature related! I think that's the best! Just remember- you're fantastic and things WILL get better!!

  2. Your Cara Box is on its way to you!! I keep forgetting to send the tracking number, but I'll try to do so today! I hope it brings some sunshine to all the stress!! Hugs!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you have had a rough time. I hope things get better soon!

  4. After my weekend I need a barefoot trek in the rain too!

    I am so happy you were able to have a moment like that. I hope this week gets better for you!

  5. Hope life straightens itself out for you soon, but in the meantime I hope you find more of those little moments to enjoy!

  6. It's so nice how sometimes when life is just chaotic and crazy the universe will just send you a moment to take for yourself and put it all back in perspective.

  7. I hope you have a better rest of the week. My daughter loves playing in the rain.

  8. Beautiful and cleansing!

    Those are the moments that comprise Happy, for it's not a destination but a collection of these fleeting instances that make us relax, smile, and feel joy.

    I like to say, "Just as the proverbial shit happens, so does happy." Will you join me on this Happy Happens journey?

  9. What a GREAT way of looking at it! Sometimes it's the simple, childlike things that can help us crazy busy and stressed out adults to remember what is really important in life. Next time...provide some distance and JUMP in those PUDDLES even if you are with someone else. Blessings to you, Melissa.

  10. I do this a lot more then anyone would think.I love playing in the rain period. My boyfriend always calls me crazy. Its that brest feeling of being young again or just carefree. I hope you have a great week next week! I'm following ya through Bloglovin.