Friday 12 July 2013

Flip Flop Meltdown

I may have a had mini meltdown this week and it may have involved a pair of flip flops. Yes, I realize this is utterly ridiculous. But I LOVE my flip flops...I even wrote about it.

On Wednesday, I had a meeting at one of our out of town offices- about 30 minutes away- and flip flops are easier to drive in than stilettos. Plus, I knew I had to work at a community picnic later that day, so another reason to wear my beloved flip flops.

When I got to the office, I went into Finance' office, sat at an extra desk and changed from flip flops to work shoes. Had a brief chat and went into the meeting. As I was driving back, I thought 'I don't think I have my flip flops'. 
Panic set in. If I wasn't driving on the highway, I would've pulled over and started going through my bags to see if I had them. I thought about turning around and going back to the office. I told myself that was crazy...I was half way back to my office. Besides, if I had left them, two people from that office would be in my office the next day for a meeting and one of them could bring them to me then.

When I got to my office building, I parked my car and went through my bags. No flip flops. I BBM'd Finance asking if she had seen my flip flops. I went up to my office and proceed to pull everything out of my bags, panic attack in full swing. No flip flops. Finance had yet to BBM me back, so I semi-calmly called the other office. Finance was busy so I asked Reception to go look in Finance's office. My flip flops weren't there. 

More panic and anxiety set it. Volunteer and Counsellor looked on as I frantically searched my bags again. They both tried to keep me calm and reassure me my flip flops would show up. I searched my car...nothing. I tried to keep calm.

Throughout the afternoon I called the other office a few more times. I made people go and look for my flip flops while I was on the phone. Having them retrace my steps- including the parking lot-, describing them to everyone who would listen (pink, with gold straps and a peacock feather can't miss them!), requesting they spread the word about my flip flops to the rest of the office, in case someone else stumbled upon them. 
I spent the day, evening and night praying to St Anthony (the Saint of Lost Things).

Thursday, we had another meeting but at my office. Boss was there and she asked me why she was being asked if she had seen my flip flops. I had to tell her the story, trying to keep my panic under control. During our meeting (4 of the 5 people had been at yesterdays meeting), I asked if anyone had seen my flip flops, described them and tried very hard to hide my anxiety. Boss suggested getting Reception to send an email blast to all staff about my flip flops. I thought that was a great idea and something I was near requesting myself...but didn't want to request because I didn't want people to think I was a overly ridiculous- which, clearly, I am. 

Late in the afternoon, Finance called me. My flip flops had been found- THANK GOODNESS!! They were under a desk, right where I thought I had left them...a place that a couple of people checked several times and had previously not seen them. Finance, who had looked the day before, said that she was standing in a different place and just happened to see my flip flops from that angle. (Thank you St Anthony.)

All is right in the world...almost. While my flip flops have been found...they are not yet in my possession. 

I hope I get them back soon.

In the meantime, I'm back to wearing Old Navy flip flops, which I used to love before switching over to Havianas. Old Navy flip flops are fine...but nowhere near as good as my Havianas! Can't wait to have them back!

And if anyone asks, I will deny/attempt to downplay how much I over reacted.


  1. Flip flops are my all time favorite foot wear. I think Reefs are my brand of choice at the moment. I wear them to work when it's really hot out, and pretend they are professional footwear :o)

  2. LOL - I hear you! If I think something's missing, it drives me crazy! It could be anything! I do not feel at peace until I've found the lost item in question.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend. Just imagine how great those flip flops will feel when they are back on your feet!

  3. awww, i understad though, i feel the same about my flip flops or other shoes, hope they are back to you soon