Friday 26 April 2013

Project Pinterest- 52 Week Money Challenge

Like everyone else, I am addicted to Pinterest and I've decided to actually try some of the things I pin. 

This month, I decided to try this pin-52 Week Money Challenge. The source of my pin is but not sure that this is where the pin originated from. The pin from can be found here.

Everyone is always in a position where they need to save money but not necessarily in a position to actually save. For example, I need to save money for a new car but with all of my set expenses and all the surprise expenses, it's difficult to actually save. 

When I found the 52 Week Money Challenge, I knew I had to give it a try.

You will need:
  • A place to keep your money (bank account, money jar, etc)
  • Money
  • This chart:

The Verdict:
This challenge seemed simple and easy to follow. The good news, it actually is! The amounts you are saving are manageable and the increase of $1 from week to week doesn't put a strain on your overall's only $1 more than the previous week. But it all adds up. I like that the chart shows you both what you are adding to the savings and what the balance is.

I haven't completed the 52 weeks, but I'm enough weeks in to know this is something I can stick too. This is also something I plan on doing year after year- or 53 weeks after 52 weeks.

You can find me on Pinterest here.


  1. THIS IS AWESOME!!! My husband will thank you hahahaha I'm going to try this too!

  2. Such a good idea. I need to do this.

  3. this is definitely doable! even increasing the amounts by a few dollars would have you ending up with a ton more savings...awesome!

  4. I want to try this too! But money tends to get tight around the holiday's. I am going to try it but start at the end. So instead of starting at $1 I would start at $52 :)