Thursday 4 April 2013

What's In My Purse?

Today I am linking up with Lauren to show you what's in my purse. As you all know, I was in Florida for the past week and I actually cleaned out my purse right before I left.'s what's in my purse:

  • My actual purse
  • Day planner
  • Business cards
  • Wallet
  • Office/work keys
  • Party favour (which doe not work)
  • Brock pen
  • Hair elastic
  • Lip balm (home made by my friend!)
  • iPod
  • Mini flashlight
  • Another pen
  • USB
  • Sunglasses
I also have my Blackberry in my purse (not pictured because I was using it to take the picture) and I usually keep my Kindle in my purse as well.

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