Friday 4 January 2013

Favourite Thing- These Memories Aren't Gone

This weeks favourite thing, is a friend and memories...without going into any detail. How's that for vague and not helpful/insightful?
It was 10 years ago yesterday...I can't believe that it's been 10 years. I still think of you all the time...I know now that conversation meant something to you, just as it meant something to me. 
I'm so lucky to have known someone who is so hard to say goodbye to.
"The Time Has Come For You To Live...For You To Be Free..."
Forever loved. Forever remembered. Forever Cherished. 
Best Intentions~Flatlined
I'm the face you see,
you see in the mirror,
now you wish that I,
Had somehow seen much clearer,
theses memories aren't gone,
but I can not return,
watching all along,
as all our pictures,

And you see me standing there,
Standing next to the picture,
Of what I used to be,
All I want to be is free…
you hear my story told,
through this eulogy,
now that I am gone,
there's nothing I can be,
now its too late,
to listen and to change,
or find another way,
this fate has been arranged,
best intentions gone,
you’ll never be the same,
and now I can feel, the shame,


now that I’m gone,
everything went wrong,
I’m sorry about the pain I've cause and times that I've dragged along,
of all the things I've seen,
and all the things I've done,
watching all along with you as all the pictures,
This was a hard post for me to write...even after 10 years, it's still too painful. Nothing I will say here will ever explain...will ever bee good enough. Just know you are missed.


  1. Hi Melissa -

    I feel like I can really relate to this post - I lost someone 6 years ago and the wound is still so very raw. The emotions that go along with it are completely indescribable.

    I like that you posted about this person as this weeks' favorite thing :)

    Hugs to you!

    Lacey @ And They Call Me Mommy

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I'm here via Fancy Little Things, and I want you to know that though you don't give details on the loss in your life, I'm praying for you. Thanks for the song - we sure all have those we've lost and we see soooo many things in hindsight. Someone once told me this fitting phrase - "life is lived forward but understood backward."

    May the Lord Comfort and Keep you,