Saturday 26 January 2013

Weekly What?

I have mentioned Jenn, and how much I adore her, on more than one occasion. Jenn has a new link up starting this week! It's call Weekly What?

Basically, you put all of your Monday-Friday posts in one post on Saturday and then link up your Saturday post! What a great idea! 

I've been so busy this month that I've done very little blog reading. This link will allow me to read summaries everyone's posts for the week and if I want to read more, I just click on the link to the full post. Seriously, GREAT idea!

Here is my Weekly What?

MONDAY:  I start most Mondays off with a quote, to Inspire Me. Just a little inspiration to work on during my week or to be reminded of.

TUESDAY: Every Tuesday, I link up with Amber for Hey! It's Ok.

WEDNESDAY: I know a lot of people who were pregnant- since my post on Wednesday, they have all had their babies! So, when I found a little piece of humour on How to Handle Your Baby, I just had to share!

THURSDAY: On most Thursdays, I post a recipe. This week, I shared how to make a party staple, Antipasto Tray.

FRIDAY: On the last Friday of every month, I've started posting Project Pinterest, where I take something I saw on Pinterest and try it out. This month, it was removing wax from containers.

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  1. Oooohhh....I wanna try that recipe!!!

    THANK YOU for linking up!!!