Saturday 22 December 2012

Christmas Style- Tag! You're It

Earlier this week, Nikki from The Crafty Side of Sarcasm tagged me to play this Christmas inspired game of tag!

This was created by Lanaya from Raising Reagan and it’s similar to when you win a blog award and then you nominate new people. When someone tags you, you answer their questions and then tag 5 new people. It’s a great way to learn how other people celebrate Christmas. 

1. What is your favorite holiday movie & holiday song?
My favourite holiday movie is Elf...So funny! My favourite song...It's hard to pick just one! So, I'm just going to say the three I blogged about yesterday... Santa Claus is Comin to Town (The Sing-Off), I Pray on Christmas (Harry Connick Jr) and Angels We Have Heard on High (Pentatonix)
2. What did you want for Christmas but you never got?
A pony! *fingers crossed* I think this might be the year!

3. Who told you about Santa or did you find out yourself?
This is horrible... I was really, really little, maybe  4. I was at the mall with my dad and I overheard two people talking. The girl said "I hope Santa's good to you to you this year." and the guy said "My parents are always good to me." I was devastated.

4. What’s your favorite holiday drink?
Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks

5. What’s your favorite ornament?
My baby ornament. It says Baby First Christmas with the year. I believe my godmother gave it to me.

Okay, now it’s my turn. I tag:
1. Amber W
2. Breanna
3. Amber M
4. Jenn
5. Terri

Here are your questions to answer:
1. What's your favourite Christmas song?
2. What's your favourite Christmas tradition?
3. What's your favourite Christmas story
4. Who's your favourite reindeer?
5. What's your favourite gift that you bought for someone this year?

Answer these questions and tag five more awesome bloggers. After you’ve done your post, come back here and leave me a comment with the link to it because I don’t want to miss it! Instruct your tag-ees to do the same for you. Don’t forget to link your post back to Raising Reagan


  1. So fun! Thanks for participating in my Tag this year :) And for passing it on as well :)

    I can't believe you found out that way...I would have cried too.


  2. If I forget to do this, I'm sorry! With the Holidays and family coming in to town, I'm all over the place :)

  3. Haha, i love your answer "a pony", what little girl doesn't want a pony when they're small. I was being a butthead when my grandad asked me what i wanted when i was about 12 and i said a pony in a sarcastic voice {he didn't pick up on it} because in spring i got a pony named Buttercup. I loove Starbucks, now i want a white chocolate mocha. I hope your having a great Sunday & a fantastic Christmas!