Wednesday 12 December 2012

Apartment Sweet Apartment- Smoke Part 2

About 2 months ago, I wrote about the fact that my apartment smelled like smoke and I was having difficulty getting rid of the smell. Original entry can be found here.

The sales associate at Yankee Candle suggested that I try Just Plain Clean, which is a product specifically to eliminate odours. 

As I mentioned in my original entry, my front closet had a strong smoke smell, even after the vents were taped. My bathroom and kitchen (the rooms with vents) went from always smelling like smoke to sometimes smelling like smoke. And while I had originally placed the Just Plain Clean sachet in the front closet, I also added one to my bathroom and kitchen.

Each sachet is supposed to last 30 days. 

The verdict?

The smoke smell is gone! It's been almost 60 days and the smoke smell is eliminated. 
I plan on using it again, if needed. 
I will say that it did take a couple of weeks for the odour to disappear, it doesn't work overnight. Also, it did not mask the odour- I had the sachets out and could still smell smoke. This product seems to be a longer term fix (unsure how long it will last) opposed to a quick fix. 
Basically if you have an odour you need to cover asap because people are coming over, this isn't the product.  But, if you have a long standing odour you would like to eliminate, give this product a try.

It was believed that the smoke smell was coming through the vents, which have been taped up and has helped with the smoke smell. This has helped, but there was still a linger smoke smell which, I believe, Just Plain Clean helped eliminate.