Monday 3 December 2012

5 Questions- Amber

A new month means a new round of 5 Question answers! 

This month, Amber, from Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A Time, was nice enough to answer 5 Questions. Amber's blog is one of the very first that I followed and is still a daily read. I had to stop reading her blog at work, because more times than not, I would burst out laughing while reading. 

Amber is also the author of The Swimmer's Assistant. If you haven't read her book...what are you waiting for??? It is a great read and one I highly recommend.

Here are Amber's answer's to 5 Questions:

1. Something on your bucket list: 
To go on a Henry VIII tour in England, which sounds cheesy, but I don't care. I love history.

2. Best piece of advice and/or favourite saying/quote: 
Love this quote from A League of Their Own: 
"It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great." 
I say that in my head when I'm writing and struggling. 
3. Favourite place: 
I'd have to say Disney World or New York City. I have a blast in both places! Too bad both places are expensive.
    a) Where to stay:  
For Disney World, I stayed at Port Orleans and enjoyed it. For NYC, my friend and I stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel. Facebook Friend them and you can get discounts!
    b) Where to eat:  
At Disney World, there are so many good places. I loved the place in the Canada area at Epct. I believe it was Le Celier? Or something like that. Amazing cheddar beer soup! For NYC, holy crap, again, so many good foods to try. I so wanted to eat in the Plaza Hotel but it was too expensive. Grr.
    c) What to see/do:  
At Disney World I want to see it all. I highly recommend the ride Test Track. In NYC, I really enjoyed the movie tours where they take you around on a bus and show you were movies were filmed. I also love FAO Schwartz!

4. You're given $10,000 and 24 hours to spend it. You can't give it to other people, invest it or save it. What would you do: 
I'd go on a shopping spree at Target. I'm there every week ;)

5. Historical figure or fictional character you'd like to be: 
Anne Boleyn! Before she lost her head, that is.

Thanks Amber for participating! You can find Amber's blog here, her book here and on Twitter here.


  1. Thank you for interviewing me! It was fun :)

  2. Oh this is fun! I wanna play :)

    I'd definitely love to go to England, and a shopping spree at Target?! Yes please!!!