Monday 31 December 2012

2012 & A Blog Year In Review

It's hard to believe that today is the last day of 2012! The year has dragged on, seeming never ending. The year has also gone quickly, needing it to slow down so I could get things accomplished. It was a year of ups and downs...not just for myself, but for a lot of people. 
The end of the is often a time of reflection and goal setting. We look back on the past year and see what we learned, experienced and gained. We also look at losses and things that maybe didn't go exactly as planned. We take this time of reflection to also figure out what goals (or resolutions) we'd like to set for the coming year. What we'd like to do differently, what we would like to improve on and what we'd like to accomplish. 

While 2012 was a bit of a struggle, I'm happy that I'm ending it on a good note. I'm lucky to have some amazing people in my life who are nothing but supportive and a source of laughter and happiness. 
(Not to mention, Canada went undefeated in round robin and got a bye to the semi-finals at the World Juniors and that Canada won the Spengler Cup!)
Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one. - Brad Paisley
Wishing everyone nothing but happiness, health and laughter in 2013!
Here are my favourite posts 2012:


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  1. I love how you worded the New Year: Page 1 of a 356 day book. Lovely. Happy New Year!