Wednesday 17 October 2012

Apartment Sweet Apartment- Smoke

One of the first things I noticed about my apartment when I moved in- and something that visitors to my apartment notice right away- is that it smells like smoke.

I am not a smoker. 

I was told the people who lived in the apartment before me were not smokers. The people who live on either side of me and above me are not smokers either. The common areas in the building (hallways, stairwell, lobby, etc) are non-smoking areas. 

So why does my apartment smell like smoke? This is something no one had been able to answer or even really resolve. 

I tried keeping windows open and airing out the unit. I've used air fresheners and sprays. I burn wax tarts in an effort to mask the smell. 

The building manager did come in and put tape over the vents, which did help. My apartment no longer smells like smoke 24/7, just every once and awhile. The smell no longer bothers me and I can live comfortable in my apartment. front closet- the only closet I have besides the one in my bedroom- still has a horrible, strong smoke smell. I don't get it! There are no vents in or near the closet and the closet is in my unit, meaning it shares walls with my kitchen and entrance way.

When I open the door, I have to hold my breath. That's how bad it is!

I went to Yankee Candle and told the girl worker about my smoke scent issue. She informed me that Yankee Candle had just introduced a new product that eliminates odours called Just Plain Clean. I was desperate and agreed to give the product a try. 

When I got home, I opened the package and put a sachet in the closet. I'm hoping it will eliminate the smoke odour and not just mask it for 30 days (the lifespan of each sachet). 
I'm curious to see what the closet will be like after 30 days. Hopefully, this little issue will be resolved and I will have a smoke-free closet!


  1. Let us know, sounds like an interesting product. I hope you get it worked out!

  2. Smoke smells are the worst! Have you tried placing an open box of plain baking soda in the closet? I think it helps to absorb smells. Good luck!

  3. ugh. I hate this! We when were first married we lived in a house of a past smoker. It was really hard, I hated the smell. I basically just covered it up all the time with candles and wall flowers. The worst part about it was when we moved... a lot of our stuff had the dungy smokey smell. Even some of our towels to this day smell faintly of smoke

  4. Will be interested in seeing how the sachet works :)