Tuesday 31 July 2012

Hey! It's Ok

Idea taken from Amber at Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At A Time

To be sad that Maeve Binchy died. I became a fan of her books and writing after being introduced to her books by my grade 11 English teacher.

To be happy that Shane won HOH on Big Brother! And to be a little bit upset that I'm going to have to miss this weeks episodes.

To be surprised and shocked that today is the last day of July! Where did summer go? I can't believe we only have a month left!

To not be excited about moving. I get my new apartment tomorrow. I'm happy to be living in a city again...but I'll miss living by the lake. I'm also not sure about living in an apartment...I've only lived in houses.

To wonder about apartment etiquette. Is there such a thing? What are the 'rules' of living in an apartment? And how do I find out what they are? I really don't want to make anyone mad.

To be happy that the New York Rangers got Rick Nash, even though we had to trade Brandon Dubinsky to get him.


  1. i love the its ok posts! its crazy july is over after today, but im so ready for fall!!

    xo Kelly

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  2. How exciting that you're moving! But I can't believe summer is almost over, either!