Friday 20 July 2012

Favourite Thing- Big Brother

I have mentioned a few times that I LOVE Big Brother and I am excited that the season started! I've watched every season of Big Brother and look forward to watching it. I'm excited to have Brittany back- she is my all time favourite female houseguest and in the top 3 of overall houseguest. She's so funny!

I was watching the season premier last week and was so surprised to see Shane was a houseguest!

Shane's sister dated a guy I know. I think Shane is a great guy- he's so sweet, really nice. I know he's seen as a threat in the house, but I hope he sticks around- and win!

Another favourite thing (besides BB14 and Shane) is the that for the first time ever Slice (a Canadian TV station) are showing Big Brother After Dark (which I'm watching as I write this)!

Big Brother After Dark airs from 2am-5am and it's live streaming from the house...this stuff will get edited to make the episodes. But it\s so interesting to see what they talk about and how alienated Willie (a player) is. You get to see what the house is like- no editing!

One of my favourites was a conversation that Danielle and Jen had, where Jen was giving Danielle advice on Shane- Danielle has a crush on him and she thinks that there's something real between them. Jen thinks that there's real chemistry between Danielle and Shane...I couldn't help but laugh!

I love this show...maybe a little too much.


  1. Shane and I went to school together at LSC, he's a good guy. My wife and I have been watching!

  2. I have to start whatching the show! this is so up my alley! Hope you have a good friday!