Friday 27 July 2012

Favourite Thing- Lilly Pulitzer Planner

Many years ago (5+ years), I became "high tech" and put all of my appointments, important dates, deadlines, etc in my cell phone. It was great- I got a daily reminder of everything I had to do that day when my alarm went off in the morning. 

One day, the screen of my phone decided to die. My phone still worked, but I couldn't see anything. I may or may not have had a minor (or major) panic attack. Luckily, my friend Lauren had an extra day planner that her dad gave to her, which she gave to me. And thus I went back to my pre high tech days and wrote everything down. 

A month or so ago, when other bloggers started blogging about their 2012-13 planner choices, I thought it was something I should think about too (my previous work would purchase planner for us, but when my contract ended in May, I left my wasn't mine to take...and have been planner less since).

Usually, I would just head over to Chapters and pick up a Peter Pauper Press planner. I decided to shake things up a bit...I had started blogging (albeit, months before), I was starting a new job, moving to a new city, and would have a new living situation so I decided to go with a new planner. I picked:

Lilly Pulitzer- UGotta Regatta (large agenda)
I had never purchased a Lilly agenda this was a new experience for me. While I had read about the product on the website I purchased it from and read about it in many blogs, I still wasn't sure if this was the best agenda for me. 

I love how colourful it is, I love the print, I love the size, I love the layout. I love that it's a 17 months planner. I didn't love, that because it was shipping from the US and Canada that the shipping was more than the actual planner. 
Stickers that came with the planner...not sure if I'll use them in my planner, but I am known for giving out stickers to co-workers.

Individual days

Month at a glance

Cover pages for the how each month has it's own quote and specifically designed print.

Dates to celebrate...great to have birthdays/anniversaries, etc all in one place and at a galnce!

I can't wait to start using my Lilly planner in August- which is, thankfully, only days away!


  1. Oh my gosh I picked the same planner! Mine had to be pre-ordered because they ran out though so it isn't here yet! I can't wait to get it, looks cute!

  2. That is a gorgeous planner. And it comes with STICKERS! That is awesome sauce. I love pretty planners. They're totally my jam. I went all over the city before I found one that was both pretty AND functional. I always hesitate to order online because of the function aspect.