Friday 6 July 2012

Favourie Thing- Muskoka

For many years, my family always officially started our summer in Muskoka.  Located in Central Ontario and is part of "cottage country", roughly 2 hours north of Ontario and located on Georgian Bay, Muskoka has over 1,000 lakes and is crazy beautiful. Steven Spielberg, Tom Hnaks, Cindy Crawford and Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell are just some of the noteable people who have homes in the area.

I feel like I should be sitting on that deck right no.w..
Essentially, the day after school let out (late June, in Ontario) my dad would take us all to a resort. We stayed at a number of different resorts over the years, but they were all basically the same set...we'd stay in our own 'cabin'-sometimes attached to one or two other cabins, sometimes a stand alone- and the days were spent doing 'summer camp like' activities. This would include arts and crafts (tye-dying was popular, as was gimp bracelet making), sports (tennis, croquet, beach volleyball), nightly movies in the main lodge and bonfires. Usually, mornings were spent on land and afternoons on the water (boating, fishing, waterskiing, windsailing, etc).

So pretty!

I have many fond memories of my handful of summer days spent in Muskoka. It was all fun and laughter.

I remember...
  • The variety night we (the kids) would put on
  • Being taken out on the boat, off the main channel, and swimming in the middle of the lake
  • Learning how to wind sail
  • Making my first gimp bracelet (It was at night, the kids were doing something and one of the staff-can't remember her name for the life of me- seeing that I was a little shy and uncomfortable, took me upstairs to the craft room where I picked out some gimp, we sat on the covered balcony and made bracelets...she was really nice to me and I appreciated it)
  • The fun of summer camp set in the luxury of an all inclusive resort
  • All the friends I many wonderful, entertaining and unique people. I learned something from them all
  • My first kiss (he ended up living 4 doors down from me in residence in University...that was weird)
  • Bonfires- making s'mores, telling ghost stories, laughing
  • Horseback riding
  • Late nights with friends, spent in the main lodge
  • Scavenger hunt with Natalie and Ellie
  • Staff telling me about their high school and University experiences, giving me great advice 
Severn of the resort we stayed at. Would love to go back!
So many great memories. I would love to say that I made life long friends...and if I had met them in the time of texting, Facebook, etc...I might still be in touch with a lot of them.  Instead, I have pictures (taken with a camera that holds film that needed to be developed), that I look at fondly and that transport me back to those, fun, carefree, beautiful summer days in one of the prettiest parts of Ontario.

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