Thursday 4 May 2017

Currently- May Edition

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 One of the best times of the year- NHL Playoffs! I am watching, cheering on my team (GO RANGERS), and following the teams in my bracket.
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 The May pick for my Book Club. I have been wanting to re-read this book since I read it last year, and I am so excited to finally have that chance and to introduce my fellow Book Clubbers to one of my favourite authors- K.A. Tucker!
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 I have been listening to more and more podcasts at work. Brie, one of the co-hosts of The Constant Struggle, is someone I have known since I was a kid, so of course I am listening to her podcast all day, every day. 
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 Warm weather calls for frapps! Non-fat, unsweet, no whip green tea frap with a scoop of java chips and a pump of good!!
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 I have been eating french toast recently. I blame my sister, who recently made me some, after years and years of not eating it. 
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The past few weeks, I have been craving adventure recently. The warm weather makes me want to get out and experience life! I am itching for new experiences and memories. 
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For the past few weeks, I have been doing a weekly yoga class. It has been so great on so many levels and I'm looking forward to keeping it up for weeks to come. 
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