Tuesday 30 May 2017

Hey, It's Ok

With Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry

That I got to spend some time at the beach this weekend! The water was a bit cold- only went in up to my knees- but it was beautiful, sunny, warm, and had a light breeze. Perfect beach weather!

To be ready for my trip to Ottawa later this week! It will be a business and pleasure trip, with some fun things planned. I'm really looking forward to visit our Nation's Capital. Want to know what I'll be up to? Follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to, including some 'behind the scenes' stuff. 

That I want the Nashville Predators to win the Stanley Cup. If the Rangers can't win the Cup this year, then I want a team from the West to win. Besides, I don't have anything against Nashville...so, why not?

To be ready for Big Brother 19. I hope that they have some decent houseguest who are ready to play Big Brother. Also, I'm happy that Kevin won BBCan5...I really liked his this season and thought he played a great game- he deserved to win.

That I'm not sure what to think about the female only Wonder Women screening...is it odd, sexist, empowering, or a great marketing ploy? Whatever it is, I don't think people should be making such a big deal about it.

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