Thursday 6 April 2017

Curretnly- April Edition

Another month, another 'Currently' post!

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Big Brother is my guilty pleasure and one of my favourite shows! So glad that BBCan is currently on. I may or may not be planning my social schedule about episode airings...
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 I picked this book up months ago and am finally reading it- love it so far! Cate is in England hiding from something- a relationship I think- and while in England has taken it upon herself to find out what happened to 'Baby" Blythe, a former Debutante. 
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I have known about Sam Hunt for a few years and have always liked his music, but recently I have been LOVING everything Sam Hunt. I am listening to his albums on repeat all day, every. 
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The warm weather calls for iced lattes- iced chai tea lattes to be exact!
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 A couple of co-workers and I have been going for tacos every week. I always get chicken good!
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 A week on Necker Island...Richard Branson's private island. It looks amazing, indulgent, and super relaxing. 
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 Warm Spring weather and all of the spring flowers that are now in bloom!

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