Thursday 27 April 2017

From The Archives: Bedtime Stories Baby Shower

A number of years ago, I hosted a baby shower for a co-worker/friend. The theme was Bedtime Stories. As an event planner, I get to host, design, consult, plan, etc on tons of events throughout the year. This baby shower was one of my favourite events that I worked on. 

Since it's been so long since this baby shower took place, and because a number of my friends have either just had babies or are pregnant, I thought I would go into the Dreams and Colour Archives and share the posts related to the Bedtime Stories Baby Shower!
Theme & Invite
Food & Drink
Book Recommendations & Gift Ideas
A Special Keepsake

This is a really fun, classic, gender neutral baby shower theme...I would love to host another shower with these theme!!

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  1. Really a nice theme for baby shower. My sister is planning a social get together of our society at one of huge venue New York next month. Will book it online in a day or so. Hope she gets positive reviews from all the members.