Wednesday 12 April 2017

Little Life Box April 2017

I am an avid follower of A Year Of Boxes, which is a blog that reviews all kinds of subscription boxes- and it's Canadian! Sarah and her team do a great job of reviewing well known, niche, and up and coming boxes. I have been introduced to a number of boxes- some I have liked, some I have not, and some I am keeping an eye on so I can try them if/when they start to ship to Canada. 

Sarah is a fan of Little Life Box and shared a 50% off code, so I thought I would give them a try. April 2017, is the first box I received and I loved it! Before I show you what was in the box, let's cover the basics: Little Life Box is a monthly, Canadian box that features 8-12 health items- food, beauty, vitamins, and other lifestyle products- for $23, plus $5 shipping. 

Here's what was in the April 2017 box:

  • Camino Chocolate Bunny This is fair-trade, nut-free, and organic dark chocolate. Appropriate because Easter is in April this year. Plus, dark chocolate is pretty good for you.
  • Liquid Honey this is 100% Quebec honey, and it also says "wild flowers", does this mean the honey was produced from wild flowers? I have no idea! But I love this! I actually use honey in my morning smoothies to add a bit of sweetness. 
  • Kind Bars in Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate I am a fan of Kind bars, and I love a peanut butter & chocolate flavour combination. I'm thinking I'm going to keep these at work for the odd morning that I skip breakfast,
  • Caboo Tree Free Travel Wipes these wipes are made from sustainable bamboo- which I love! I will be doing some traveling this summer, and these will be great to have in my bag
  • Neocell Beauty Bursts in Fresh Mint Chocolate I'm not 100% sure what this syays choclate, but it also says "Gourmet Collagen Soft Chew" and "Dietary Supplement". The back of the package indicates that the ingredients have beauty benefits- skin rebuilder, skin hydration, collagen enhancer
  • Sinuspax I am actually interested in this product! We had some extreme weather changes about a month ago, which lead to a lot of sinus pain for me. With Spring, I am anticipating some (hopefully minor) sinus issues, This product offers relief of nasal congestion, inflammation, and sinus pain.
  • Ingenium Naturals Wellness Blend Tea in Digestion and Energizing These are loose leaf teas, which I like, and I like that they both have specific benefits. I'm looking forward to trying them both, 
  • Hemp Protein & Fibre Powder in Berry and Vanilla Flavours Another product that I add to my morning smoothie! I make mixed berry smoothies, so both flaours will pair well.
  • Puressential Respitore Spray This product offers relief to sore throats. On the advise of a doctor, I have tried a similar product in the past and did not like it- anything the spray touched (ex my tongue) became numb. I will give this product a try and see if it's any different...but I am a little leery about trying it.
  • Bounce Protein Energy Ball in Cacao Orange I've actually tried this product before- but not this flavour- and really liked it! This is something else I might bring to work and keep in my desk for days that I need a little energy boost. 
  • Elan Banana Chips My aunt and uncle opened a health food store when I was about 9 or 10, and banana chips were one of the first things my mom bought from their store. I have been eating these for years and love them!
The only thing I didn't like about this box is that they did not provide a product card, which I really wish they had. Overall, I LOVE this box! While this box had a variety of products, most of them were food and beverage based products, which I really don't mind- they are all items I will use. I like to have snacks around my condo to throw in my bag or to bring to work, and I feel the amount of snacks will last all month, if not longer. 
Even though I had a 50% off code, I like the price point- about $30 including tax and shipping- and I feel that the value of the box is at least this much. The fact that I love everything (except the throat spray) and that the items are things that I will personally use- no gifting any items to family and friends- adds additional value for me. Another 'value added' is that this box is unlike any other subscription box I have seen. A lot of things to like!
I'm excited to see what the May box includes, and from there I will decide if I want to keep subscribing.    

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