Wednesday 17 August 2016

Currently- August Edition

I have decided, after years of blogging, that I would jump on the 'currently' blog posts. I always enjoy reading other blogger's 'currently' posts, so I thought I would do my own, so here we go:
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 I am Chelsea Handler fan and I am loving her new show, Chelsea, on Netflix.
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I actually just finished reading this book for Book Club. It's a cute read and a great book club book.

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 I am a Charlie Puth fan and I currently have him on repeat.
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The Social Committee at work is planning a silent auction as a fundraiser, and I am planning to put together a 'must have' box as an auction item. 
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 I love summer and this warm weather we are having...but I feel like I am melting- it is so hot! Lot's of extreme heat warning this year. I am not complaining...I just wish I could be beach/poolside 24/7 in this weather. 
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 I am on the hunt for a condo...I'm ready to make the transition from "renter" to "owner",
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Iced Coconut Milk Mocha, so, so good! And a great summer drink!

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