Thursday 25 August 2016

Welcome To The Modern Phone Era

A number of years ago when I had to replace my flip phone (RIP), I decided to go with a Blackberry because my dad and brother were Balckberry users, I know that a lot of business people used Blackberry and because it had a keyboard instead of a touch screen. I have been a faithful Blackberry user for years. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the parking lot at work texting a co-worker. I walked into the building and my phone had turned off and wouldn't turn on. This was the second time in about a month this happened. There were a couple of other issues too- like the sound not coming on when I took it off of silent. I decided that it was time to upgrade to a new phone; I couldn't risk my phone never turning on again. 

Luckily it was about $6 to buyout my current contract. I spent the night researching options aka asking my dad, significant other, and best guy friend which phone I should go for. Their answers were "Get an iphone" or "Get a Samsung" but provided no reasons WHY. I decided to stick with Blackberry. 

After work I went to the mall ready to upgrade. I told the sales guy I wanted to the same phone I had and pulled out my Blackberry Curve (aka the second generation Blackberry), he said "Oh Jeeze" and then told me that they don't make those anymore. I asked about a Blackberry Classic, since it still had a keyboard. He didn't recommend it because they are being phased out and their is no support for them. He did show me another Blackberry, but it was touch screen.

Another sales associate came out and saw my phone on the counter. He asked if it was mine, and I said yes. he said "We need to get you into the modern phone era." He suggested an iphone, saying it would be easier to use for a first time smart phone user. After a lot of questions and explaining, I ended up going for an iphone SE.

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I am reluctant iphone user. I don't like the touch screen- I've had a tablet for 2+ years and am still not used to the touch screen. Besides Instagram, I refuse to get any apps and I only have Instagram because it is a hassle to take a photo on my phone, email it to myself so I can download it to my tablet and then upload to Instagram. I plan to only use my phone for calls, texts, seeing the date/time, and the occasional web browsing. 

Now, if only I can figure out how to make a phone call...

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