Tuesday 16 August 2016

Hey, It's Ok!

With Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry
That I am kinda into the Olympics. I rarely watch the Summer Olympics...not really interested and I think the Winter Olympics are more interesting. But I have been watching the Rio games. Plus, It's been great to watch the Canadian Athletes do so well!!

To like Instagram Stories. I'm glad IG added this feature...it's fun. I know it's like Snapchat, but I am not a Snapchat user. I'll stick to Instagram. 

That I am still watching Gilmore Girls. I started in February and still have a season and a half to go. I am not a good Netflix binge watcher.

To be a reluctant iphone user.

That I am loving the iced coconut milk mocha macchiato at Starbucks. I may be addicted.

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