Wednesday 24 August 2016

Put A Bow On It: August Box

Like many people, I love subscription boxes. I have subscribed to a few different ones over the years and have found a couple of favourites. I also like trying new subscription boxes- you never know which one might become a 'favourite'. I was recently introduced to Put A Bow On It, which is a lifestyle subscription box, and thought I would give them a try.

This is a Canadian subscription box, but they are now shipping to the US, and they offer two boxes a month; Deluxe ($48/month) and Premium ($74.95/month). The gift plans are 3, 6 and 12 months or monthly with no auto-renew. Besides the price point, I'm not 100% sure what the difference is between the two boxes. Looking at the past boxes on their website, it does show that Deluxe and Premium boxes contain very different items.
I had only seen reviews for the Premium box, so that's the one I ordered. The box was wrapped with pineapple wrapping paper and a bow- you are literally unwrapping a gift. A product card was included in the box and the box had a theme- I love subscription boxes have a theme! The theme was "Happy Glamping". I must say, the items we received fit the theme really well.
  •  Citronella Candle- What a great item for a lifestyle box! As someone who spends a ton of time sitting on the patio, citronella candles are a must.
  • LED Mason Jar Lantern- This is a cute item and I like when lifestyle boxes include a decor item. I can use this item both inside and outside.
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo- I like that this is a full product size. Unfortunately, I have yet to get into dry shampoo; I hear great things, I've just yet to try it, even though I have received dry shampoo in subscription boxes before. I will likely gift this to someone.
  • R Devine Sacred Earth Cleansing Clay- I am big on skincare and am always looking for new products to try, so I was excited to receive this. I also like that this is a company based here in Ontario! This product is a powder that you add water to and it can be used as a cleanser or a facial mask. 
  • Mental Beats Power Bank- I have received a similar product in a previous subscription box, but I am happy to have another. We live in an electronic world and making sure our devices are charged is a real issue (#FirstWorldProblems). I recently changed phones from Blackberry to iphone and am in need of restocking different places (country house, my parents place, work, my car) with charges for my phone, so this product will come in handy.
  • PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel- I think this was a bonus item as it wasn't listed on the product card. I like when bonus items get included in a subscription box, it gives the feeling of added value. I can never have enough hand sanitizer and have added this to my travel bag. 
  • Russell Stover S'Mores- I like when lifestyle subscriptions include a food item. Not only did this fit the theme perfectly, but it was delicious!
I have mixed feelings about this subscription. I like that it's Canadian and that it's a lifestyle subscription. I also like that they don't auto-renew and that they use a theme. I think all of the products fit the theme perfectly. I think that they had some unique products too. I'm not sure that the value is there. I paid almost $65 (plus $10 shipping) for this box and I'm not sure that this box has a value of $65; product prices were not included on the product card but I am familiar with all of these products and have an idea of what the retail prices are. This box also reminds me of another Canadian lifestyle box- that box costs less and offers, in my opinion, better products (higher value, better quality).

I also feel that it's not fair to judge a subscription by the first box- you might not catch them during their best month, or a theme might not appeal to you. I have ordered both their Deluxe and Premiere September boxes- I want to see the difference between the two and I want to give this subscription box a chance before I make a final decision on it.

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