Monday 15 August 2016

Inspire Me: Fairytale

Happy Monday!! It had been a busy summer- not surprising with the busy year 2016 has been so far. I know that I have been super lacking with blogging all year and I always say that I am going to be better at blogging more frequently. I'm not going to say that this time...I know better..haha.
I came across this quote recently:
I can say that there has been a lot going on recently- ups and downs- but at the end of the day, I'm really happy. With everything that has been going on, and where my life currently sits, I feel that I have created my own fairytale. 
I have been following my heart a lot...I've taken chances, done what I thought would be best, done what would make me happy. I've cut toxic friends from my life and focused on my relationships with people who have proven to be true friends. I do things that make me excited, instead of dread. I've listened to the positive and encouraging things people have said to me, used them as tools to believe in myself and move forward with new opportunities- opportunities I never thought I would be 'brave' enough for. 

I am on the road to living the life I dreamed of...I'm living my own fairytale.

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