Monday 5 September 2016

Inspire Me: Summer Story

Sigh...Labour Day. I like Labour Day because it creates a long weekend, but I dislike Labour Day because it creates the last long weekend of the summer and unofficially marks the end of my favourite season. 
This has been a busy summer. I had the opportunity to do a lot of fun and favourite things- it was a great summer overall. There were some negative aspects...plot twists, if you will. There were also some positive plot twists too. 
Parades, outdoor concerts, family gatherings and celebrations, days at the beach, nights on the patio, dragon boats, bonfires, barbecues, weekends away with friends, time at the farm, conservation area, fireworks, coming together as a community and country, food trucks, reconnecting with old friends, book club, time spent with Pod Pals, outings with Pals of the Pod, Moose Jaw Shirt many great memories.

I have to admit, summer just isn't the same- or as juicy of a story- without Daniel. My summer friend, my co-star. He truly did make summers magical, memorable, and the best ever. I miss him like crazy and I miss the summers we had. 

It's a new story, new novel. A revised setting and new characters, familiar plots with fresh elements.

This edition has ended...time to move on to the Fall story.

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