Thursday 29 August 2013

Season's Of Life: August Cara Box Reveal

I decided to participate in August's Cara Box, hosted by Kaitlyn from Wifessionals. Cara Box is kind of like a monthly subscription box combined with a blog swap, only better! Each month has a different theme and you're paired up with two people- one person who sends you a box and a person you send a box to- which makes the boxes super personal. Plus, each box includes a letter of encouragement!

Cara Box

The end of the month means it's time to reveal who we were partnered up with and what we got. I was partnered with LaDawn.

The theme for August was "Season's of Life", where we were paired with someone around our own age and in the same life stage (ex single, married, mother). Due to a low number of Canadian sign ups, LaDawn and I were partnered with each other, instead of having two partners (one to send to and one who sends to you). 
While we are not in the same 'life season', it was still fun to get to know her and put together a Cara Box for her. Head over to LaDawn's blog to see what I sent her. It was a little bit of a challenge to put together her box...but I came up with something.
LaDawn was tasked with putting together a Cara Box for me.

    • Mini recipe book with some of LaDawn's favourite recipes. I had mentioned to her how busy I am, so all of these recipes are quick, easy and sound REALLY good. I can't wait to try everything, especially the spinach cheese wheels!
    • Magnet from the town she lives in
    • Shot glass from the town she lives in. I actually collect shot glasses from different locations
    • Card from LaDawn (I can't tell if she made this or not...)
    • Felt Board Story. LaDawn actually makes and sells these. I had asked her about them and she sent me one!
    • Real Fruit Snacks,..which are one of my favourite snacks..I've already opened the bag. 
    • Fall themed table runner that LaDawn talented is she??? I had mentioned that brown is a dominate colour in my apartment, so she used fabric that brown so it would match my apartment.

LaDawn- Thank you so, so, so much! I love all of the thought (and time) that went into putting this Cara Box together for me. I'm blown away by your talent. 

The August Cara Box Link-Up Reveal can be found here.

Starting in September, Cara Box will be changing from monthly to four times a year. For information on Cara Box and the new format, go here. September sign ups will open the first week of September, so keep an eye on Kaitlyn's blog for it.
Thanks to Kaitlyn from Wifessionals for organizing this!


  1. I like that you sent to the same person who sent to you- you get to know one another even better! :)

  2. you got a great box - I love this idea!

  3. I'm glad you like it! I did make the card!