Tuesday 6 August 2013

Hey! It's Ok

Idea taken from Amber at Airing My Dirty Laundry One Sock At A Time.

To be a little sad that today is the last day of my vacation. I've enjoyed my time off...it's been fun, relaxing and filled with family and friends.

That I bought a table..an expensive, antique that I've loved for over a year...I'm not sure I'm going to keep it...I have mixed feelings over this. 

To be sad that there are only a few weeks left of summer! Where has the time gone??? Even though it's gone quickly, I've actually had a pretty good summer.

That I had picnic a la Will & Grace recently- indoors, on the floor, eating pizza with my summer friend. I'm really going to miss him when he leaves in September.

To be surprised- and touched- when I stumbled upon this. I like they way she described my situation...it made me smile.

That I don't understand why everyone loves Shark Week. I just...don't get it.


  1. I don't get shark week either!!! And I love the idea of an indoor picnic :)

  2. Ya, shark week is kind of a big deal for some reason? Maybe it's because they're so scary? I find them to be!

    Stopping by from The Miller Life.

  3. I like some Shark Week shows but not all.

    Mm, picnics are fun.