Thursday 30 May 2013

May Cara Box Reveal- Let's Get Regional

Cara Box

I decided to participate in May's Cara Box, hosted by Kaitlyn from Wifessionals. Cara Box is kind of like a monthly subscription box combined with a blog swap, only better! Each month has a different theme and you're paired up with two people- one person who sends you a box and a person you send a box to- which makes the boxes super personal. Plus, each box includes a letter of encouragement!

The end of the month means it's time to reveal who we were partnered up with and what we got. I was partnered with Heather and Terri...two Eastern Canadians!

The theme for May was "Let's Get Regional". We were tasked with  creating a box containing items from the region we live in. I LOVE this theme!

I love promoting Canada, including my home Province of Ontario, so I was really excited to put together a package with ties to my Province and the places I call 'home'. You can go here on Heather's blog to see what I sent her!

I love Canada and haven't had the chance to see much of the beautiful country I call home. With this theme, I was really excited to see what Terri would send me to represent her region. My Cara Box from Terri hasn't arrived yet, so I'm not able to post what she sent. My Cara Box from Terri arrived today (June 4). Here is what she sent:

  1. Bands to put around your beer bottle.
  2. Note pad with a coastal design.
  3. Shot glasses.
  4. Nail polish.
  5. Head band bought at the local market.
  6. Chocolate covered pretzel from the local market.
  7. Card.
  8. Another note pad.      

For the May Cara Box Link-Up Reveal can be found here. The June Cara Box theme and sign up list can be found here.
Thanks to Kaitlyn from Wifessionals for organizing this!

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  1. Melissa - my Cara Box reveal post is up on my blog today!! Just wanted you to know! :) Thanks again for the amazing Cara Box...that chocolate did not last long!! haha