Tuesday 7 May 2013

Hey! It's Ok

To be happy that Gary did not win Big Brother Canada. I don't think he should've made it to the final two (thanks Canada for voting him back in). I was an Emmett fan since day won and if he couldn't win, I've glad it was Jillian. 

To be looking forward to a dance recital next weekend. It's for my old studio and it's the 25th Recital! It should be fun and I'm actually going with some girls I used to dance with.

To have a day full of athletic activity ahead of me: Tai Chi this morning, Pickle Ball at lunch and bowling tonight.
That I spent most of the weekend sitting on the balcony. The weather was so beautiful and it was great to just sit outside both with friends socializing and by myself reading.

That I finally used the slow cooker I got for Christmas. I made something I found on Pinterest...check back later this month for that experience.

1 comment:

  1. I love my slow cooker!

    Our Big Brother starts at the end of June. Can't wait.