Saturday 9 February 2013

Weekly What?

Linking up with my darling friend Jenn from Party of One for Weekly What?

Basically, you put all of your Monday-Friday posts in one post on Saturday and then link up your Saturday post! What a great idea!

Here is my Weekly What?

MONDAY: The first Monday of every month I have  a feature called 5 Questions, which Nikki answered this month.

TUESDAY: Every Tuesday, I link up with Amber for Hey! It's Ok.

WEDNESDAY: First Wednesday of every month, I share a song. This month, it's my current favourite song Inner Ninja by Classified featuring David Myles

THURSDAY: This was the day that Becca from Faith Love & Babies introduced herself to everyone.

FRIDAY: This weeks favourite thing was a Molson Canadian commercial, The Canadians. I love this commercial!

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