Monday 11 February 2013

Inspire Me

Happy Monday! Friday was a 'surprise' day off due to a snowstorm, which also kept me in town this weekend and got in the way of my plans. But, it also meant the chance to have lunch with a good friend on Saturday!

My TV broke a week ago, not that I watch a lot of TV, but it means that I didn't get to watch Hockey Day in Canada on Saturday or the Grammys on Sunday.

I have a busy week ahead with work and meetings, but I also have Thursday off-with no plans yet, but I'm open to ideas- and this coming weekend will be another three day week!

Here's some inspiration to get you through this week:


  1. I really wanted to watch the Grammys but I just couldn't stay up that late. My husband is a night owl but 10pm is bedtime for me.

  2. LOVE that quote. Needed to hear it today :) Thank you for sharing!