Monday 4 February 2013

5 Questions- Nikki

A new month means a new 5 Questions! Nikki, from The Crafty Side of Sarcasm, is answering the questions this month.

1. Something on your bucket list:
I've added The Poseidon Resort in Fiji to my bucket list because I think it would be amazing! You can sleep on the ocean floor, and you even get a button to feed the fish right outside your window.


2. Best piece of advice and/or favourite saying/quote:

3. Favourite place:
Emerald Isle, NC. I know it's cliche but I absolutely love the beach. I love walking along the beach either the summer sun is shining on me or I'm sporting a sweatshirt and sweatpants with friends or with my ipod all by myself. The beach is always fun during the summer time because there's people, beers, and water but I think it's beautiful during the winter time too.
a) Where to stay:
When I go during the summer I stay in the house my parents and uncles rent. We rent it out all summer and we all come down to hang out. There are usually 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms so no one is on top of each other and it's soo relaxing. When I go by myself in the winter I usually stay at the Embassy Suites since it's just me and I usually just stay for a weekend.
b) Where to eat:
Hands down Riverside Steak and Seafood! We always visit at least three times a week when we are there for the summer. The steaks are soo delicious and I actually got the nerve to try Lobster Ravioli & it's amazing! I will eat it as long as I can pretend it's chewy chicken. Ha!
c) What to see/do:
When you're not sipping a drink on the beach there is a lot you can do. You could take a walk around the boardwalk or you can go see the North Carolina Aquarium, Hammocks Beach State Park, Fort Macon State Park, & Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks. There are a few festivals that go on there too that are awesome! In early May there is a Beaufort Music Festival & in October there is a NC Seafood Festival. I don't eat seafood though so I just go to look around.

 4. You're given $10,000 and 24 hours to spend it. You can't give it to other people, invest it or save it. What would you do:
Oh my gosh I love shopping! I don't like going by myself because I don't like big crowds {like the mall around Christmas! I'd have a panic attack alone}. Any other time I'm good though. I love the clothes I find in H&M, Bebe, White house black market {just the different types of clothing}, & Steven Madden shoes *drool*. Oops I got excited! :) You get the idea though.

5. Historical figure or fictional character you'd like to be:
If i could be any character I'd like to be Buttercup of The Powder puff girls. In high-school I had 2 other friends that fit the bill of Blossom, & Bubbles. They called me Buttercup because I was always sarcastic and ready to get into something without thinking really. Jenni was Bubbles because she was sort of flighty & a little {a lot & still is} oblivious. Jaymee was Blossom because she was the decision maker of the 3 of us. That sounds weird but with me ready to dive head first into anything and Jenni not thinking about anything really.

Thanks Nikki for taking the time to answer these questions!

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