Tuesday 28 August 2012

Hey! It's Ok

To have the world's most amazing friends. It's great to know that I am so cared for and that my friends are always by my side. I am never alone because of them and I am never without laughs also because of them. 

To be excited that my couch comes today! I ordered it about a month ago and it's been on back order ever since. I'm excited to have some place to sit besides my bed, a folding chair and my patio chair. I'm also looking forward to seeing what colour it is. I ordered it so long ago, I forget.

To have had an ok Ikea shopping experience. I didn't walk away with as much stuff as I had hoped and am still in need of a table. I'm ok with what I have, but Christine (my friend I went shopping with) is kinda stressed that my shopping list is still so long. This was supposed to be fun for us not stressful! I did buy a kitchen cart and a dresser-ish thing, so that's good!

That I have my first high school reunion meeting tonight! This will be my second high school reunion (we do them every 5 years) and I'm looking forward to being involved in the planning again. I loved my time in high school and would go back if I could.

To realize that love isn't always enough. Sometimes you just have to let people go and let them deal with life on their own. You don't stop loving or caring about them...you just need to let them go.

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