Saturday 11 August 2012


One year ago today, my grandpa died. 
During the past year, I have thought about him every single day. I have missed him every day. I've thought about how I can pay tribute to him- the man he was to the community, what he meant to me and the differences that he made. Nothing would do him-and his legacy- justice. 

As the anniversary of his death drew near, I thought more and more about what I could do. I came up with nothing that satisfied me. 

My great-uncle (my grandpa's brother in law) writes a weekly family newsletter and in the newsletter published 3 days after my grandpa died, my uncle paid tribute to my grandpa. I feel that my uncle did a good job in explaining my grandpa. So, in tribute to my grandpa, here is what my uncle had to say:

Now we have a man on the insides. Passed away Thursday August 11- early morning- died as he lived- peacefully.  Gifted with the social graces in the extreme- warm, friendly, gentle, loyal- a gifted mimic, recounter and plain and simply a very funny gent. Entertained me immensely even in his declining years [my grandfather had Alzheimer's disease]. I think he saw dimly in the intellectual sense as the end approached. But there was no doubt, judging by facial expression, that he recognized and remembered a banana split. Fortunate to have shared life with him. 

"Noted illustrator, author and man of letters."
Loving husband, devoted father, cherished grandfather...

RIP...Love you always.

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