Tuesday 21 August 2012

Hey! It's Ok

To hope the NHL and the NHLPA can come to an agreement by September 15. I'd hate to have another NHL lockout or to have the start of the season be delayed. 

That Shane won HOH on Big Brother again! I love Shane and am #TeamShane 100%. He's a great player and deserves to win. Plus, he made a HUGE game move this week by putting Frank and Boogie up.

To be behind in my blog reading. Things are busy. I'm still getting settled here plus I'm traveling every weekend...not a ton of free time.

To feel like I'm living in a hotel. I've never lived in an apartment before and I don't have a lot of stuff (no couch, no table, etc) plus a lot of my stuff isn't here yet because I have nowhere to put it. I'm dread the thought of more shopping and decorating my place.

To have made my first (non-work) friend here! I refer to her as my Starbucks friend, because that's where she works and that's where I met her. She's awesome and super nice- she brought me a mocha coconut frap, which is what I drink in the summer.

That I have lived in my apartment for 20 days and I have yet to do groceries (with the exception of the food that I bought specifically for my balcony party last week). Something else I'm not looking forward too.


  1. I was glad Shane won and who he put up. I really hope Boogie goes home. His name and eyebrows bug me.

  2. Hey lady
    I came to your blog (and am catching up) through your comment on mine. Just wanted to say hi!
    Oh, and the whole part about the grocery shopping - not. surprising. at. all