Wednesday 15 August 2012

Book, Song, Body

I am slowly getting settled into my new apartment (and job) and am excited to have internet, which means I can get back to blogging!

BOOK- The two-ish weeks that I've gone without internet (or cable- I can't believe I missed ALL of the Olympics!) meant tons of time to read. I read some good books, and some not so good books, so I had a few books to pick from for this weeks entry. I decided to go with...

Who doesn't love Sweet Valley books?!?!? This was a 6 part (The Sweet Life, Lies and Omissions, Too Many Doubts, Secrets and Seductions, Cutting the Ties, Bittersweet) e-serial, with one book released a week for 6 weeks (the 6th book was just released on Sunday).

I LOVED this series! Set three years after Sweet Valley Confidential, we find Elizabeth back in California living with Bruce, Jessica now a mother with a great career and a not so great marriage, Lila as a blossoming reality star and Bruce involved in a major scandal. 

There was a minor storyline that involved Steven, Aaron and their daughter, which I could've done without, wasn't necessary to the overall plot and was a short (one book), isolated story arc. And while I LOVED the series, the ending of book number 6 made me go "WHAT?!?!? You can't just end like that!" It was a good ending but it left me with a lot of questions, which makes me hope there will be more Sweet Valley books. I would also like to know what happened with Jessica, her career and her assistant- this was a minor plot that wasn't really resolved. But again, maybe it will be addressed in a future book.

Each book ended as a cliffhanger, leading into the next book, which made it an enjoyable read. While MUCH better than Sweet Valley Confidential, this book is not going to be winning any literary prizes. But overall it was a fun read and a page turner. Perfect for a beach/poolside or even a rainy day read.

(Note: While you do not need to have read any of the Sweet Valley Twins/High/etc books to follow this book, I do recommend reading Sweet Valley Confidential first. While it is not the best book, this series does happen 3 years after Confidential and a lot of the same characters show up in the series, plus some of the plot is an extension of Confidential.)

SONG- II have repeatedly mentioned how much I LOVE Luke Bryan. Here is one of my favourite songs by him, which has been getting a lot of replays on my ipod this week:

Doin' My Thing by Luke Bryan

BODY- A while ago, I saw this on Pinterest:

Originally posted by, please see the link for full instructions.

My sister was nice enough to let me try it out on her, and it worked! It was so easy to do and turned out great!

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  1. OMG - I used to read Sweet Valley when I was in High School! That's so awesome! <3 Did you take pictures of your sister in the Lada Gaga Hair Bow? We want to see them!