Friday 18 May 2012

Favourite Thing- May 2-4

This weekend is Victoria Weekend aka May 2-4 Weekend in Canada. This is widely seen as the opening weekend of Summer. This is the first time that people go camping, head to the cottage, have bonfires...the first of summer activities.

I've spent the majority of my May 2-4 Weekends at the beach/cottage. Even if I was in jeans and a sweatshirt...I've been at the beach! There is nothing better than being in cottage country with your family and friends, spending the day at the beach, BBQ dinner and finishing the night off with a bonfire. 

This weekend is my favourite. I love that it means that summer is just around the corner and I love spending such a low key weekend with family and friends, doing some of my favourite activities.


  1. How fun! I love going to the beach in jeans and a sweatshirt. It's just relaxing and comfy.

  2. awww seems that you had an amazing weekend!!
    I love this post :)