Wednesday 23 May 2012

Book, Song, Body

BOOK-A book that I have wanted to read for ages and finally had the chance too:

I loved this book. Loved it! And it has been added to my list of favourite books! Deemed a "cult classic" and I can see why! Set in the 1950's, this book follows Jennifer (my favourite character!), Neely and Anne. While the three become friends in a glamorous New York setting, the three couldn't be more different- their upbringings, their experiences that brought them to New York and even what they encounter after meeting and forming a friendship. 

I really felt that this book was a journey and nothing was spared- the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I liked how the book was told with sections dedicated to all three characters, focus on what was going on in their lives- if the book was written in third person, it would have been sections told from the point of view of each character. Does that even make sense?  I also liked, that while told in chronological order, it did skip sections of a time period (ex an entire pregnancy), which I felt helped more the story along and a good pace and cut out parts that were not very relevant to the storyline. 

Originally, I thought this book would be an easy, fun, beach read. I found myself reading into the night and every chance I could. In my opinion, this book is a classic! Sex, scandal, romance, heartbreak, self really does have it all!

SONG-I heard on the radio yesterday, that some people were deeming this song, the 'song of summer':

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

BODY- I have mentioned before how much I LOVE My Dream Sample Box- not only is Holly (the owner) AMAZING but I love discovering new products!

My current 'must have' is:
Ava Anderson Lip Balm

The product is non-toxic and in environmentally safe packaging, both things I support. And part of the reason why I love this product.

I live in Canada, where the harsh, cold winters and the humid, hot summers do a number on our skin and lips. I have tried MANY lip balms over the years, and while I have found some that worked and I could use...I hadn't found a lip balm that I loved until now.

Ava Anderson Lip Balm is not only a product I love but highly recommend (the ONLY lip balm I've recommended). No waxy or sticky feeling, no weird taste or smell. After use, my lips become soft, smooth and hydrated. Added bonus that I can put lip balm on in the morning and not have to reapply it all day!


  1. Call Me Maybe has been stuck in my head like crazy! I've been planning my summer reading, so I'll have to check that book out!

  2. I am adding that book to my list of reads!