Friday 6 January 2017

Updated Blog List

2016 was not a good blog year for me. Life got the best of me and this little blog took a backseat. I'm hoping in 2017 that I will be able to go back to blogging regularly. We'll see what happens. With that being said, there are a couple of things that I have been meaning to update-including my Blog List, which you can find in the right side bar. 

Here is a quick overview of the blogs on my list:
  • Airing My Dirty Laundry I have been following Amber for years, since before I started blogging. She is hilarious and keeps it real. 
  • Amber Nicole Blog First of all, I am so lucky to call Amber a friend Amber covers life with her kids, cooking, fashion, beauty, and general lifestyle tips. 
  • Brittany Viklund Brittany hasn't blogged in almost two years, but I keep her on the list because she is such an amazing woman- and I keep hoping she will come back to blogging! She has been busy the past two years with married life, having a baby and starting her own business! She is active on Instagram.
  • Everyone Plays Dwayne shares stories based on his life, work, things he reads, etc and is constantly highlighting the theme of belonging. Engaging posts and a great reminder to be inclusive in all that we do. 
  • Simply Being Ki Ki shares her journey to live a simple, minimalist, grounded lifestyle.
  • Smart Pretty and Awkward Molly offers tips and tricks on how to be smarter, prettier, and less awkward. Her posts are quick reads and super easy to implement. Year after year, Smart Pretty and Awkward is my must read blog. 
  • Southern Living Preppy Style Jennifer covers life in Florida with her family, and shares her incredible fashion sense. Love her spy it and buy it posts- where she 'spy' a look and share where to 'buy' the look at an affordable price point. 
  • The EveryGirl This is a blog that I stumbled across recently and fell in love with! They cover everything from career to wellness. Lots of useful information and ideas. If I am looking for something, this blog has become my first stop.
  • ThePoint This is the Hudson's Bay Official Blog. I was hesitant to add something so commercial to my blog list, but I love the Bay and Bay stripes, so it made the list. Everything posted is either an event that happened at the Bay of products you can buy at the Bay. But they do have good content worth looking at.
I encourage everyone to checkout the above mentioned blogs...happy reading!

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