Tuesday 17 January 2017

Hey, It's Ok

With Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundry

To be excited that How To Get Away With Murder has new episodes starting this week! I LOVE that show and I need to know what happened to Wes!! I'm still heartbroken that they killed his character off.

That I have literally no interest in Donald Trump's inauguration. I don't care who's performing, or that it's even happening. I am a little concerned for my American friends and what will happen when their new president officially takes over.

To be switching my internet and cable provider. I was previously with Rogers for years, but due to their terrible customer service- and charging me double for who knows how long- I am taking my business elsewhere. I'm doubting myself and my decision...even though I know I'm doing the right thing. It will be ok.

That, while I have a 2017 agenda, I haven't been using it. It's a bit big for my liking. I do need to start using it thought I am feeling a bit lost and disorganized...like I am always forgetting something, because I don't have it written down. I'll work on it.

To be hoping to travel this year! I'm not sure where or when, but I would like to go away this year. I'm not sure if it'll happen...but I'm hopeful!

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  1. I'm also hoping to get away this year. We're looking pretty seriously at a European cruise and I'm so excited about the possibility!