Friday 13 January 2017

Fave 5: Edition 6

It has been months since I have done a Fave 5 post, so I thought I would do one today! Here are 5 things that I am currently loving:

1. Page Turner
Image Via Indigo Chapters
Collection of essays on Anna'a life and experiences...this is a fun and funny read.

2. Constant Craving
Image Via Turkey Hill
These Maple Ice Wine Cookies, made using real ice wine, were in a gift basket my dad received at Christmas. This are so, so, so, good! I'm totally craving them and contemplating buying multiple eat by myself and to gift to others. Seriously, so good. 

3. Mask-querade 
Image Via Sephora
I use this mask year round, but I especially love it during the winter- when my skin is extra dry. I put it on at night, go to sleep, wash it off in the morning...and my skin looks and feels hydrated. 

4. Light It Up
Image Via Bed Bath & Beyond
There are so many benefits associated with Himalayan Salt Lamps...I have no idea if the claims are true or not, but I love the light glow it gives my room. And I have been sleeping better...

5. #Stripespotting
Image Via Hudson's Bay
For Christmas, my dad and I buy each other something that has the Hudson's Bay Stripes...we both love the stripes! This year, I got this pocket tray, which is not only the perfect addition to my collection, but also the perfect addition to my coffee table!

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