Wednesday 1 July 2015

Oh Canada, Eh

Happy Canada Day!! This is probably one of my favourite holidays, simply because I love Canada so much! I went to the fireworks last night- you can find some pictures on my instagram. I'm hoping the weather will be warm enough and rain-less to spend it outside, hopefully at the beach.

I am blessed to live in Canada and to call this country my home. I am proud of everything that Canada stands for and represents. I'm thankful for our rights and freedoms, our mosaic, and that Canada is such a forward thinking, progressive country. I love Canada and I love being Canadian. 

Plus, do you have any idea how beautiful of a country Canada is? You can check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Canada to see how pretty it is.

Or you can just watch this video:

Happy 148th Birthday, look kid. Hope you have a fantastic day!!!

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