Friday 24 July 2015

Fashion Friday- Beach Attire

Happy Friday!! I can't believe how quickly this week went!!! Work was super busy and full of meetings. I'm getting the chance to be part of some really exciting projects- even though it's taking me away from my regular work. 

This has been a busy week and I haven't had a chance to go through- or share- any of my Pan Am Games pictures or experiences. I was hoping to have the chance to go to the Closing Ceremony this weekend, but it just wasn't in the cards. I'm thankful that I got to experience the Opening Ceremony...some people don't get to experience either, and I had the chance to experience both. 

If I'm not attending Pan Am, what am I doing this weekend? Going to the beach of course!! I thought I would do a little Fashion Friday based on beach attire.

Hat // Flip Flops // Towel // Sunglasses // Beach Cover Up // Beach Bag // Bathing Suit
A bathing suit is the foundation of great beach attire. There are so many great choices, but how cute is the Tommy Hilfiger one pictured above?!

Another key piece is a cover up, just something you can throw on quickly to run into a store or restaurant. I prefer cover ups with longer sleeves, just to provide some extra protection from the sun. This one is from Old Navy, which has tons of great options- some of their shirts in an XXL also make great cover ups.

Flip flops are the best AND the only appropriate beach footwear. I can live in my Havaianas, they are so comfortable.

I have a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses that I take with me everywhere- love them!! Plus they are red, my favourite colour.

Hat to provide some protection from the sun...and of course, I pick a hat that shows my love for my loves aka the New York Rangers!!

Beach bag is a must to store all of your beach essentials. This Lilly Pulitzer bag is on my wish list. I should have picked one up when I was in the Lilly store last week. 

Finally, a beach towel! This Hudson Bay, with the iconic stripes, is a classic and Canadian favourite. 

I'm looking forward to my beach weekend and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. I have to email you back still (I've read it, thank you :) ) but I just wanted to quickly write, have a great weekend if you don't end up going to the closing ceremonies!! Enjoy!! :)

    I'll be talking to you soon though, thanks for the response. I'm glad you're like me and not too fussy or over the top. I look forward to putting some pieces together for you. :)