Tuesday 14 July 2015

Hey, It's Ok!


Airing My Dirty Laundry

To not be sure how I feel about this seasons Big Brother cast. A lot of the houseguests annoy me. Also, I feel that this season tried to find houseguests that matched the Canadian version; poker player, university football player, 'nerdy' guy that reminds everyone of a previous houseguest...

That I recently worked with personal stylist and loved it!! It was so much fun shopping with her and everything I bought was not only nice, but versatile and things I can wear again and again. I plan working with her again.

To have taken a break from this link up and blogging. Life is busy, and things take over. I love blogging and I miss it when I'm not doing it...I just need more hours in a day!

That I work for a FANTASTIC organization. It is hands down the best place I have ever worked for. The Corporate Culture is amazing and they treat their employees so, so, so well. I really love working there. 

To love the show Friends. Even after all these years, it's still funny. I'm in the process of re-watching every season...again.

This week's quote:
be better

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