Friday 31 July 2015

Fashion Friday- Cottage Nights

Today can not end quick enough!! After work, I am heading to the lake and counting down the hours until I am reunited with my cousins at the cottage!! Summer to me has always meant time at the cottage with cousins- so many happy memories!! As the years have passed, and we've all grown older and moved on with our lives, we are spending less and less time together at the cottage. I am so looking forward to this weekend!!

Time at the cottage is pretty simple: day spent on the beach, drinks on the deck, dinner in the cottage, and back down to the beach. Cottage nights are one of my favourite things in the world- family, sunsets, evening dip in the lake, and bonfires!!

Bathing suit// Tank top // Shorts // Sunglasses // Sweatshirt // Flip flops // Beach towel

If you haven't taken a sunset dip in one of the Great Lakes, you must add that to your Bucket List! This bathing suit is perfect for such an occasion! I love the colour- and fringe- of this Jessica Simpson bathing suit.
After (or before) a swim in the lake, this tank top and shorts are great for hanging out on the beach. How cute and perfect for the beach is this tank? Love the colour of these Tommy Hilfiger shorts.
Sunglasses and sunsets just go hand and hand. Watching the sun set over one a lake is one of the most beautiful views. Love these Ralph Lauren sunglasses!
At the cottage, usually around the bonfire, it gets a bit chilly. A sweatshirt is perfect to pullover a tank top. Plus I love the sweatshirt and shorts combo, especially if I get to rep my Alma Mater- Brock University!!

Flip flops are really the only acceptable footwear for the cottage. Havaians are hands down the most comfortable flip flops ever. 

Generally speaking, I love Hudson Bay stripes...they are so iconic to Canada and there are so many images around campfires, at cottages, with a Hudson's Bay stripped blanket. Pictured is a beach towel, which is great for your post swim or to snuggle under while toasting marshmallows! 

This weekend is also a long weekend in Canada. While it's great to have a long weekend, it also means that summer is quickly coming to an end- not many cottage nights- or days- left. Enjoy them while you can...I know I will!!

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  1. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing and fun weekend! Have a great time hun